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Lotus E23 2015 by hanmer
Lotus E23 2015
Here is my version of the Lotus E23. I actually quite like the current car but feel that the black and gold is getting a bit dated now and not sure why they want to give free publicity to JPS. Also I don't think the red wings work well with the black and gold of the rest of the car. With the demise of Caterham I don't see why Lotus can bring back the green and yellow livery. So for my version the base colour is a really dark green with the nose, wings, sidepods and airbox in dark grey/black much like the Lotus 107 from 1992. I like the straight gold stripe work of the Lotus 72 but that car was very angular and so the lines worked well with that bodywork. This version uses a golden yellow colour instead of gold and the lines are much thicker and flow with the bodywork from the front wing and nose, around the lower part of the monocoque, lower sidepods and the engine cover. The rear wing is kept a simple black with the Saxo Bank yellow logo balancing the livery. PDVSA is a hard logo to integrate and so I kept it to the dark grey/back areas only and removed all the red bodywork which would clash with the yellow and green. The other major sponsors are in the golden yellow colour apart from the Mercedes-Benz at the rear. The smaller sponsors and technical partners are in black on the yellow stripes. Finally at the front, the Lotus and Mercedes-Benz logo are merged together to create one large logo and the very front of the nose.
Ferrari SF15-T 2015 by hanmer
Ferrari SF15-T 2015
Here is my latest work, my version of the SF15-T. I based it on my previous F138 of 2013. The red is much deeper and darker and fades to black around the rear, nose and lower sidepod. I again removed the Scuderia Ferrari Logo and instead incorporated the white slashes and flicks around the cockpit and engine cover. The white also extends down the nose and along bottom of the sidepod and monocoque this time, inspired by the 312t3. The number is removed from the cramped rear wing and placed on the back of the engine cover, again like the 312t3. The sponsors are arranged much like the current SF15, however some have been moved to create more space around the Ferrari Logo and along the sidepod. The UPS logo is on the sidepod turning vane and the Alfa Romeo logo is placed directly underneath the Prancing Horse at the top of the engine cover. Finally black wings front and rear complete the design.
Williams Martini Racing 2014 by hanmer
Williams Martini Racing 2014
Here is my latest livery. It's my version of the Williams Martini Racing FW36. I tried to keep with the theme of the current car but make the stripes more prominent. The stripes follow the lines of the car from the front nose, over the side of the cockpit and down the sidepods. There are separate stripes around the engine cover and rear wing.

Only the Martini logo is on the white paint, all the secondary sponsors are placed in the black areas, around the monocoque, front and rear wings and airbox. 

This version is Felipe Massa's car and has additional yellow markings around the airbox and front nose in addition to the camera. Think the yellow would work better with his helmet design. 

Hopefully I will get some more done soon
Pirtek Racing Honda Civic BTCC 2014 - #30 by hanmer
Pirtek Racing Honda Civic BTCC 2014 - #30
Pirtek Racing Honda Civic BTCC 2014 - #30 . Honda BTCC car for Martin Depper. Used the previous Andrew Jordon car as a base and just switched over the colours. Whilst not being directly sponsored by Pirtek, I kept the arrowheads around the wheels and exhaust to keep in with the team look. 
Pirtek Racing Honda Civic BTCC 2014 by hanmer
Pirtek Racing Honda Civic BTCC 2014
Pirtek Racing Honda Civic BTCC 2014

Here is my alternative livery for Pirtek Racing BTCC 2014. Simplified the colour scheme by only using the yellow and blue. Retained the Pirtek "chevrons" and placed them around the wheel arches so at speed the yellow wheels will look like they are spraying paint over the car. The secondary sponsors and suppliers and arranged only in the yellow, around the arches and the panels at the front and rear window. Placed the Pirtek logo around the exhaust so that on downchanges the flames and shoots of exhaust will appear to be coming out of the logo. 


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Evan DeCiren
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